Support of Others during trials and tribulations

During those times of extreme stress and tribulation when you think you are alone and no one cares, someone does something that lets you know they care.

I was caring for my brother who has dementia when my spouse became very ill and was hospitalized with meningitis.  Traveling so far to the hospital, taking my brother with me to see my spouse, for 42 days, was overwhelming.  During that time a Christian friend picked a greeting card to send to me and many other Christians signed that card.  The words touched my heart more than I can tell you.  I have kept that card for 2 years and passed these words on to others who are suffering:

 I don’t know how our heavenly Father,

   straightens out the crooked pathways we face,

or fills the valleys we walk through,

   or removes the mountains that block our way . . .

. . .but I’m asking Him to do those very things,

 for you today.

God did those things for me and I know it was through the prayers of hundreds of good people all over the world. The doctors said they had done all they could do and it was up to God to heal my spouse.  God healed my spouse.  I have seen the power of God through prayer many times in my lifetime.  So, reach out and comfort others, let them know you care.  As my Granddaughter says, “Say hello to the stranger you meet, give them a smile.”  You just might make their whole day better.

One thought on “Support of Others during trials and tribulations

  1. May God bless all those who stood by you, prayed for you and showed you so much love when you needed it. May God continue to be with you. The world has some very loving people. Let us pray for more.

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