Fraud Against Those With Dementia

Have you ever known an evil person who has intertwined themselves in your life?  I became caregiver for my brother, with dementia, because just such a person entered his life.  The name of this person and others involved have been changed to protect my brother.

My brother J.R. was officially diagnosed with dementia in 2009.  J.R. began living on our parents property in 1992 to assist them with their lives.  Ann entered J.R.’s life in 1995 when our parents were still alive.  J.R. was a preacher and a locksmith and Ann became his locksmith business partner.  Ann was bookkeeper and secretary, handling all the paperwork for the business.

Things went well for my brother until our parents died.  Dad died in 1999 of a heart attack and Mom died in 2002 with Dementia.  Ann had been employed as a legal assistant by lawyers and judges for years before and during the time she knew J.R.  In 2005 Ann added her name, as half owner, to our parent’s property, which J.R. and I inherited after our parent’s deaths.  I did not know my name had disappeared from deeds and other assets.  I was never allowed to see any files pertaining to my brother’s affairs.  My brother signed, without question, everything Ann asked him to sign.

I lived almost 2,000 miles from J.R. and had no idea what Ann was executing.  I always thought I was intelligent and circumstances such as fraud could not happen in my life. Naive me!

Ann said she had a power-of-attorney over J.R. and his affairs.  She had a typed power-of-attorney document, which was never recorded with the state.  She used that power-of-attorney often and no one questioned its authenticity.

Beginning in 2010 J.R.’s doctor informed Ann not to let J.R. drive an automobile any longer.  Ann continued to let J.R. drive until he had a catastrophic wreck in August of 2012.  Ann was in J.R.’s business truck the day of the wreck.  Ann was flown, in critical condition by helicopter to a hospital 100 miles away and J.R. was taken to a local hospital. J.R. died 3 times and was resuscitated.  They operated and placed a pacemaker in J.R.’s chest.  Standing in my brother’s front yard, Larry (Ann’s son) told me J.R. should not have been resuscitated at the hospital, they had a document to prevent resuscitation.  How nice, I thought.

During the time Ann and J.R. were in the hospital, Ann’s son Charles and friend Ellen, who was a lawyer, began taking personal belongings of J.R.’s from his home. They hid J.R.’s important documents and money in bank security boxes in their names.  I had heard about the wreck from a friend, not Ann, Ellen or Ann’s sons.  My husband and I left immediately to travel to J.R.’s home.

Having Ann in the hospital allowed me to investigate paperwork in J.R.’s office that Ann’s sons had not yet hidden.  Ellen locked J.R.’s office door right in front of us, telling us Ann had assigned only Larry to deal with bills and affairs.  Well, how silly of Ellen, J.R. and my husband were both locksmiths.  Ann is now owner of J.R.’s locksmith business.  Very little money was in co-owned bank accounts, but Ann had three secret bank accounts, in her name only, in three separate banks.  Ann’s son Larry had been added to J.R.’s real estate property, in January 2012, without J.R.’s knowledge.  The whole torrid story revealed itself when I began to investigate.  This old saying crossed my mind, “Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

Within 2 weeks, we took my brother, while Ann was in the hospital, and returned to our home.  Ann had yet to acquire about a third of J.R.’s house and property that she had tied up in a Joint Tenant Deed with rights of survivorship.  I immediately acquired a legal, recorded power-of-attorney in the state where J.R. lived and the state where I reside.

Ann had Ellen call us over and over trying to make us bring J.R.back to his home.  Ellen said they were going to press charges of kidnapping against me.  After getting out of the hospital Ann began harassing us constantly.  In the past 2 1/2 years Ann has filed lawsuits and restraining orders against J.R., my husband, and me.  She would call our local police, asking them to come to our house, to see if we were mistreating J.R.  She had police department deputies, in her area, call to scare and harass us.  She wants J.R.’s signature, on his real estate deed, so she can sell his home and land and move on with her life.

There is much more to this story, but writing the entire story in this blog would be impossible.

I cannot afford to sue Ann or live 2,000 miles from home for months to take her to court.  I will never be able to retrieve any of the assets she has stolen from J.R.  Because she failed to acquire all of his property the legal battle to acquire Medicaid to place J.R. in a nursing home was long, exhausting, and expensive for my husband and I.  We were penalized because Ann did not steal every pair of socks J.R. owned.  That’s a joke!  Life is unfair, unjust, and downright frustrating!  Ann and her sons abused J.R., but God has helped me keep him safe at last.  Every person on this earth needs that champion to protect them.  No caregiver needs the added stress of dealing with a thief as they care for a loved one.


4 thoughts on “Fraud Against Those With Dementia

  1. Wow! What a mess! My husband’s parents are both compromised, but they’re in good care. It’s been a trial just dealing with issues, but the Lord has spared us from that. Bless you, and thanks for stopping by!

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