Music Soothes The Soul

How many of you have never recognized the importance of Music in your life?  I cannot fathom life where there is no music.  I comprehend the significance music brings to the lives of those with dementia.  It is evident when a person with dementia hears music that it transports them to a state of gaiety and jubilation.

Watch the YouTube video: “Alive Inside Film of Music & Memory Project – Henry’s Story.”  I have viewed this inspiring video, about Henry, numerous times.

My brother J.R. has loved music his entire life, dementia has never dimmed that love.  I would place a disk in the CD player of Kenny G, Andra Bocelli, or an artist I knew J.R. loved and push play.  J.R. would stand in front of the CD player mesmerised, swaying and singing.  He was transformed to a state of exhilaration and bliss.  Music affects me precisely as it does my brother.

I have ask the staff at the nursing home to play music for J.R. and the other residents. When I visit the nursing home I never hear music.  The television, which no one is watching, is constantly on in the dayroom and dining room.  I sometimes think the nursing home staff do not wish to stimulate patients.


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