My Mother’s Hardships

My Mother, my precious Mother that I loved so much died in July 2002 in a nursing home with dementia.  I will always miss my Mother all of my days on this earth.  I hope someday God will let me join her in that wonderful place called Heaven.

Mom had a hard life, her family was poor and she lived during the “Great Depression” that began in August 1929 in the United States.  Mom was 11 years old when the depression began.  Hardships for Mom’s family were greatly compounded during this time.  I am not the greatest poet in the world, but I wrote this poem to honor my Mother.

  • My Mother’s life was fraught with hardships.
  • Growing up in a family that worked hard to survive,
  • Experiencing the “Great Depression,” with little substance to stay alive.
  • Marrying and finding life still wrought with hardships.
  • But, blessed with children to love and nourish,
  • A caring Mother who helped us grow and flourish.
  • Still her life contained a great scope of hardships.
  • No one could ask for a Mother who cared as much,
  • Or a Mother that showed us such a loving touch.
  • But, problems of life always bring hardships.
  • My wish for my Mother was always peace in her last days,
  • A time to enjoy life and to God give glory and praise.
  • But, her latter years proved to contain exceeding hardships.
  • The disease of Alzheimers taking my Mother’s mind away,
  • Causing overwhelming sorrow, grief, and me to pray,
  • Dear Lord, please take from my Mother these hardships.
  • Release my Mother from this earth to Heaven in the sky,
  • I know this should cause me joy, yet I cry.
  • My Mother is with God in a place of no hardships!
  • My Mother is on this earth no more and I will miss her,
  • I cannot touch her and I cannot kiss her,
  • But, she is at long last released from all of her hardships.

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