Welcome To My World


How many people in your lifetime do you truly welcome into your private world?   How many people, who are friends and not family, do you share your entire life with?    If you manage to acquire one or two true friends in your lifetime, count yourself lucky.  You have acquaintances, but that does not make them a true friend.  Actually you find in your lifetime that many acquaintances are not really people you like, but for some reason you hang on to a relationship with them.  Some people you know are so obnoxious you wonder why you even deal with them.  I had two acquaintances in my life, that I dealt with, who almost made me lose my mind due to the stress I endured.  After years of stress, trying to be their friend, I ended those stressful relationships.  I look back to those friendships and I shudder, telling myself I am never going to become involved in a relationship like that again.

I have two true, lifelong, enjoyable friends.  They live far away now and I seldom see them, but I love them dearly.  I keep in touch by phone, letters, emails with these two great friends.  I share their sorrows and their joys and their daily lives.  I know their families and their likes and dislikes.  Occasionally I travel and visit these two wonderful people.  One of these friends is my age and another is two decades older than I am.  Age crosses all boundaries in a genuine relationship and never gets in the way of enjoying each other’s company. You never criticise each other, you never become angry with each other, you share things they love to do that you may not like.  I shared the sorrow with my friend, who is my age, when she lost her husband to illness a few years ago.  I am sharing her joy now for finding a wonderful man to marry and share her life with.   I share my older friend’s ups and downs with health issues, due to her age.   We have laughed together, cried together, and always been there with our support when one of us was suffering.  I would not trade these two friends for anything in the world.

Go find those kind hearted, genuine people, to enrich your life.  You will never regret it if you do.  You can find them if you search diligently.  Seek out those friendships that bring joy to your life.  That makes your life so much richer when you share it with true friends.


8 thoughts on “Welcome To My World

  1. I like yourself have just a hand full of true friends and i cherish them with my life because they take us for exactly who we are unconditionally. love this post. 🙂

  2. tvgirl74 says:

    Quality not quantity for me where friends are concerned….
    I can count on one hand the real friendships I have, the girls will be in my life for life.
    I’ve recently become friends with a girl at work who is 20 years younger than myself … She’s 20, going on 40, and I share many traits n similarities with her.. So I think age is irrelevant if you get along well xx
    Great blog and great writing xxx

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