America’s Beautiful Rocky Mountains

My favorite part of America is the Rocky Mountains and the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  These areas contain some of the most beautiful, breath-taking, rugged country in America.  I have lived and traveled this area several times in my lifetime.

One of my favorite and what I consider most beautiful areas is the “Columbia River Gorge.”  Traveling from Portland, Oregon going East to The Dalles, Oregon on Highway 84, that skirts the Columbia River.  You will see majestic waterfalls cascading from cliffs all along this stretch of highway.  Thousands of tourists visit this area every year.

columbia river waterfall

Idaho is a wonderful state to visit from Bonners Ferry in the Northern neck to Twin Falls in the South-central area.  The Snake River runs through Twin Falls and the “Shoshone Falls,” are a sight to behold.

images (19)


Washington state is where Mt. Saint Helen’s erupted in 1980.  I have hiked on this mountain before the volcanic eruption.  It was a beautiful symmetrical mountain cone of close to 9,000 feet before the eruption at 8:32 a.m. on May 18, 1980 due to a 5.1 mag. earthquake.  Fifty seven people were killed, 200 homes destroyed, and 185 miles of highways destroyed.  Eleven states were covered in ash from the eruption.  My Aunt lived in Longview, Washington at the time, which was 40 or 50 miles South of Mt. Saint Helens.  My aunt collected and saved a jar of the ash.  She said you could not go outdoors for weeks, you could not breathe because of the falling ash.

Mt. St. Helens




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