Happy Valentine’s Day Bloggers

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Well fellow bloggers, whether you have a sweetheart, a spouse, or just a friend to share this day with, may your Valentine’s Day be joyous and happy.  Even that special pet can share this special day with you and make you feel happiness.

I have read some sad and heartbreaking stories on some of the blogs that I follow.  I have had several years of sadness myself.  Dementia and other illnesses have entered many of your lives.  I say to you, hang in there, pray, shed those tears.  Always know there are many in this world who feel your pain and sorrow when they hear your story.  I am one of those that has compassion for what you are going through.   Reach out to those that can give you love and understanding during your struggles.  When friends and family offer to help you, let them do just that for you.  Always remember God loves you.

Years ago during Valentine’s Day my husband would give me yellow roses because I loved them more than red roses.  He often gave me candy until I told him it made me fat. We have been married several decades and all we do anymore is say Happy Valentine’s Day and let it go at that.  That does not mean we do not love each other, that means life has more important priorities now that consume our time.  So, all we need now on Valentine’s Day is a nice quiet day, perhaps a lunch at a favorite restaurant, and a Nap!

Whether your life is happy and serene, or full of trials and tribulations, show those you love just how much you love them.  HAPPY  VALENTINE’S  DAY


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