Blue Skies Smiling At Me



The majority of the time when I think about things in this world a song pops into my head. I thought of a song today as I sat outside watching airplanes trail across the clear blue sky.

The song I thought of goes back several decades, before I was born.  The great Ella Fitzgerald who was born in April 1917 and died in June 1996 sang an Irving Berlin song that he composed in 1926, “Blue Skies.”  Part of that song goes like this:  “Blue skies smiling at me.  Nothing, but blue skies do I see.  Never saw the sun shining so bright. Never saw things going so right.  Noticing the days hurrying by.  When you’re in love, my how they fly.  Blue days, all of them gone.  Nothing, but blue skies from now on.”

Sitting in the sunshine with blue skies overhead brings peace to one’s soul.  Worries and cares drift from you mind.  All seems right with the world.  It is exhilarating to feel the bliss and calmness take root in your mind.  As you sit in the warm sun time drifts by as happiness and contentment posses you.

Many people cannot slow their hectic pace of life down long enough to relax.  If you are overcome by worry, fear, sorrow, or stress in your life . . . bask in the beauty of this world. God has created this world for all of us to enjoy.  Do not miss out on the experience of sitting in the sunshine and gazing at the blue sky.  It makes everything go so right.

I believe I will take my own advice.  Excuse me while I go back outside and sit in the sunshine and watch the blue sky smile at me.


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