I Ask You – What If . . .

Webster’s Dictionary tells me the word IF expresses a wish, condition, or stipulation.

There is so much violence in the world anymore it makes one think that there must be another way for human beings to function on this earth!

It is more than likely that most of us have used the word IF. . .  This word makes us dream of what could have occurred in our life IF. . .  “What If,” we had chosen another road to follow in our lives.  “What If,” we had pursued a different career, married someone else, or lived in a distant country.  Have you sat and pondered what your life would have been like IF . . .   I have done that very thing.

If you knew that your physical life would end shortly, how would you respond?  Would you choose to change your life?  I imagine in a situation like that we would try to complete the current life we were living.

Perhaps all of us should throw the “What Ifs,” out the door.  We need to strive to show stronger love toward the family we have right now. We should be the best that we can be.

Smile more,  hug more, enjoy life more, live our lives in a happier state of mind.  We all need to count our  blessings. Love and change start with one person and then the epidemic of love and caring happens.

“What If,” each of us simply chooses to become a better person!

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