Don’t Worry Bout Tomorrow




When you worry the storm clouds roll in as they are doing in this picture.  I have worried about tomorrow many times in my life.  Generally when I was worried it meant tomorrow was going to involve some big challenge I had to face. Worry caused me loss of sleep, sometimes tears, because a big obstacle or bad situation was happening in my life. We have all been down the “Worry” road.

Some people make bucket lists, but generally I do not.  I try to take life as it happens. There is a church song I like to sing, “The Bible Tells Me So.”  The words of that song go like this: “Have faith, hope, and charity.  Thats the way to live successfully.  How do I know the Bible tells me so.  Don ‘t worry bout tomorrow, just be real good today. The Lord is right beside you.  He’ll guide you all the way.”

I try not to worry, I try putting myself in God’s hands, but often I fail to do that.  There are a lot of problems, trials, tribulations in this life we try very hard to handle ourselves.  We worry, we fret, we stew, and after months or years we finally say, “Here God, take this burden, I just cannot carry this load alone.”  I went through a year of worry about how to solve the problem of getting long-term-care for my brother.  His business partner stole 90% of what he owned, using his dementia against him.  The 10% that remained in my brother’s name was causing him to be ineligible for Medicaid.  I did a lot of praying and at last I thought, well God is right beside me, He’ll guide me all the way.  God helps us, but he expects us to do our part. So, I hired a lawyer, who helped me fight and win a 5 month battle to acquire Medicaid for my brother.

I am trying not to worry about tomorrow anymore.  The only thing worry does is cause a person to lose sleep, become stressed, and anxious.   Sometimes worry makes us down right cranky.  If I did make a bucket list the first item on the list would be – Spend every day giving God the glory.  You see the Bible says,”With God nothing is impossible.”


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