We Are All Identical In Value


downloadI have never been a person who cared what others thought of me.  I have tried to be a good person and help others my entire life.  Each of us travel through life and encounter those who feel they are better than others.  This type of person assumes an air of superiority and importance.  This type of person does not impress me at all!  My mother use to say, “God must love us common people, he made enough of us.”

If you believe in God you know the Bible tells us God does not lie.  So, when God’s word tells me we are all created equal . . . I feel, “We are all identical in value!”  I have encounter people in my life who try to degrade or dismiss others and try to make them feel valueless.  Do not let those type of people evaluate your worth, estimate your own worth. God does not esteem one soul more valuable than another.

Take time to sit alone sometime and weigh your assets.  Are you kind?  Do you love others?  Do you help others?  Do you have compassion?  Do you try to alleviate the pain and suffering of others?  Well, that tells me you are a fantastic, worth while human being.

When superior minded individuals try to destroy your confidence, just consider the source. I feel those high and mighty folks do not realize how unhappy, jealous, inferior they are as human beings.  God did not put us on this earth to degrade and belittle those around us. God put us here to love and help one another.

It does not matter to God what the outward appearance of a man looks like.  God judges the inward appearance of the heart and soul of a man.  I have always believed this is the way we should all regard our fellow-man.

My philosophy in life comes from a verse of a religious song: “As I travel thru life with its trouble and strife I’ve a glorious hope to give cheer on the way.”

There is an old phrase they used back in the 1800’s: “La-di-da.”  This phrase was used to highlight and ridicule snobbish forms of behavior or speech.  It means – stuck-up, hoity-toity, snooty, snobbish.  In her 1859 novel, “Three Times Dead,” Mary Elizabeth Braddon wrote that phrase, “Lardy Dardy” and used it in her book (quote):  “You’re not much good, my friend, says I, with your lardy dardy ways, and your cold blooded words.”  Good description Mary Elizabeth Braddon!


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