Goosenecks of the San Juan River

Near the little town of Mexican Hat, Utah (populations 88) in the Southeastern corner of Utah you will find, “The Goosenecks,” on the San Juan River.  Its been quite awhile since I took this picture with a very cheap camera, taking 2 pictures and taping them together. By land across these goosenecks it is one mile.  If you follow The Goosenecks on the river it is four miles.  This area of Utah is flat and desert like and usually not an area that tourists visit.  But, it is worth driving through the area just to see The Goosenecks.


Utah is a fabulous state with unusual scenery.  Zion National Park in the Southwestern corner is well worth the trip.  The orange color of the sandstone rock is gorgeous.


images (10)

images (11)

Northern Utah around Provo, and Salt Lake City is  beautiful mountainous country. Be sure to visit the, “Great Salt Lake,” if you visit Northern Utah.

I lived near the Great Salt Lake years ago and have visited the entire state.  There is some wonderful, very rugged country in Utah.  It is a spectacular State to visit.


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