Soaring Like An Eagle


Every time I look at a full moon I think of Bobby Darin and his song, “Fly Me To The Moon.” The first verse of the song goes like this: “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. Let me see what Spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.”

images (15)Bobby Darin

When troubles bring you down on planet earth do you ever wish you could soar off into Earth’s atmosphere and leave all your cares behind?  I have.

My Mother often told me she envied the birds that could soar above the ground on currents of the wind.  She called it thoughts of, “Being as free as a bird.”  The thought of going where you wanted to venture, doing anything you wished to do, leaving all the stress of this world behind.

images (16)

I picture my Mother, who died in 2002 with dementia, as an Eagle soaring above the landscape in the desert Southwest.  She loved the West, the freedom to venture into the desert and be in total solitude, communing with nature.  I have seen the Eagles soaring above the Mesas and into the Canyons of the Arizona desert.  As I watched these majestic, beautiful, and powerful birds, peace would enter my soul.  I knew exactly why my Mother wished to soar like an Eagle!


8 thoughts on “Soaring Like An Eagle

  1. I agree. I use to free-climb any mountain near. I saw the Eagle and hawk close. I understand your mother need and love for the birds. Thank you for sharing the story of good song and people.

  2. I have often pictured my self right up there in the sky soaring beside my mother. All birds that soar are so magnificent. I love nature so much. I have stood on the Mesas of Arizona and Utah and gloried in how beautiful this world is.

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