Helping Others, When They Need Help

I ran across this quote the other day and I thought of my brother, J.R. who has dementia. This quote tells us what we all can do for those who have memory loss, or a disability. Hold their hand and sing a song to them that they love.  I have done this several times when I visit my brother at the nursing home.  He does not know who I am anymore, but out of my love for him, I sing him a song.  Sometimes he remembers a few words of that song and he joins in with me, as I sing.♥


9 thoughts on “Helping Others, When They Need Help

  1. Aditix says:

    That`s lovely. Maybe some part of him understands and appreciates everything, even though it`s not conscious. 🙂

  2. Aw that is so sweet. I regret not finding the time to sing to my grandma who suffered from senile dementia in jer last years or tell her some of my favorite childhood tales that she used to tell when she was still alive. By the way, I’m sorry I accidentally deleted your comment on my comfort foods post. Stupidly pressed the wrong icon. Haha…

  3. And that your granddaughter has allergies. Well, I guess it was brought over by the Americans to our country since it was my grandparents who first taught us the art of the peanut-coke thing. 🙂

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