Proud To Be A Veteran


You might say this post is for my blogging friend j.forreaux (Kwentokoto) who wanted to know about my military time in the Air Force, a few decades ago.  In the colored photo that is me in my dress uniform in San Antonio , at age 18, at Lackland Air Force Base, when I was in basic training.  The black and white photo is my two roommates and me (I am on the right) in our summer uniforms.  I was stationed here for just a couple of months.  They marched us, and marched us, and marched us, oh, sorry.  Sent us through obstacle courses of mud, through the gas chamber just to see what fun that was without our gas masks on, etc.  Up early was the motto of that place as everyone who has been through basic training knows.

Went from San Antonio to Amarillo, Texas for technical school at Amarillo Air Force Base for a few months.  The photo below is me in our administrative tech class, me at age 18 in the center of the back row, spending the daytime hours with all these good-looking men. Wow, such fun.


Was stationed at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois for permanent party.  Ended up becoming a secretary to a Staff Sergeant.  Spent the rest of my 4 year enlistment at this base.  The Government closed this base about 20 years ago. Nothing real exciting, but this is the place I met my husband who was also in the Air Force.  I was on KP (clean up duty)  in the chow hall and in walked my future husband to fix the large milk machine.  I was in my fatigues with a hair net on, a mop in my hand, slinging chairs out-of-the-way to clean floors.  It was love at first sight!  Ha Ha No, not really, that was the beginning of getting to know each other, dating, and getting married a year later when I was 19.  Got to move off base after I got married and live in a rental house, and go to work on the base in the daytime.

My military service did not involve any dangers or time fighting wars like most of our heroic vets who fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.   I take my hat off and salute these brave men for their service above and beyond the call of duty.


4 thoughts on “Proud To Be A Veteran

  1. Thanks for posting this. I loved reading it til the end. You look good in uniform though I’m a bit biased here coz I always think people in uniform look good.haha. Salute to all the courageous veterans.

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