Compassion For Others


Does this cloudy, blue sky instill compassion in your heart?  Does it let you know God is in charge and He wants all of us to be more kind to each other and take care of our planet?

There is a song we sing where I attend church, part of one verse goes like this:  As we travel through life with it’s trouble and strife . . .  Trouble and strife is normally caused, because people do not show kindness and compassion for others.  Many people fail to get involved and help others.

I try to help others, but sometimes I fall short.  Let me tell you a short true story where I failed to help someone and felt shame, because I did not get involved.

My husband  and I were standing in the check-out line at Wal Mart some time ago. Several isles over we heard loud voices.  As we looked that way we saw two store employees begin to humiliate and degrade an elderly gentleman.  They had already scanned his purchases and told him what he owed.  At that point the gentleman realized he had forgotten to bring his wallet.  These two check-out clerks began to speak loudly, and rudely to this older man.  They told him there must be some money in his pockets. They told the gentleman to empty his pockets on the counter.  They did not believe his pockets were empty.  The clerks reached in and turned his front pockets wrong side out and left them that way.  They stuck their hands into the back pockets on his pants, degrading him verbally the entire time.  They patted the pocket on his shirt.  My husband and I both said to each other that we should help this man pay for his purchases. Normally we would have done so, but we just stood there and did nothing.  Finally the older man left with his head hung low, the clerks degrading him as he walked away, trying to put his front pockets back in place.  My husband and I could not believe we stood there and did nothing.

I have seen my husband forget his wallet and on those days I paid the bill.  When you are alone and have no way to pay, does that mean you should be treated as this older gentleman was treated?  Absolutely not!

Many opportunities have arisen for my husband and I to help someone, who lacked a dollar or two to pay in the check-out line,  by giving them the amount they needed.  You get a very genuine thank you and a big smile when you help someone.  I am sure many of you have helped someone in this manner.

What has happened to “Compassion for others in our society?”  Why is there so much hate, violence, and unconcern in this world?  There is not enough love and compassion on planet earth.  If one person at a time would step-up and help someone, perhaps this world would become a better place in which to live.  God tells us in the Bible that LOVE is the greatest and most important element in our lives.

Step up and help others.  That could be you who is being degraded and needs a compassionate, kind stranger to rescue you.


7 thoughts on “Compassion For Others

  1. How sad that they treated the man that way!

    The reason I finally got a debit card years ago was because I went to the grocery store for milk and bread (less than $3 worth of groceries at that time) and had no money. My husband had taken the last of my cash out of my purse without telling me, and for some strange reason I didn’t have my checkbook either. I was so embarrassed and frustrated I drove straight to the bank and got a debit card. Having no cash on hand to pay at the store has happened to most people at some point in their lives.

  2. Such a sad story, I agree though because one thing I always tell my children is ‘how would you feel if that were you?’
    People judge too quickly and help others too slowly or not at all. Great post.

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