U.S. Eastern Bluebird


This male bluebird is flying back to the bird house attached to the other side of this pole. Now, if I were a better photographer perhaps I could have captured this bird in flight and made his wings more visible. This camera is smarter than me.


But, I did manage to capture him after he landed on the top of the pole.  He was very interested in what I was doing and kept a sharp eye on an intruder in his neighborhood. You see his wife was home and he wanted to warn her of this big ugly thing lurking nearby.  Sorry, someone pushed my humor button today. 🙂


10 thoughts on “U.S. Eastern Bluebird

  1. What a beautiful bird 🙂 I think you took great photos 🙂
    For some reason I am not following your blog anymore, though I have not un-followed you! WP!!
    I’ll follow you again, so, if you notice – that is what is going on!

  2. I for one like the picture in flight – it has the feeling of motion! (And bluebirds are great – I saw a pair at my parents’ house last week, which made me super happy!)

  3. Well it has to be – cos it certainly wasn’t me.
    A bit annoying, cos some people don’t post every day and it takes me a while to realise they are not in my reader any more!

  4. That is ok. I am not offended if I disappear off someone’s blog as not being followed. I just flow with the tide and enjoy life. I know this windows 8 I have is frustrating, and so is the internet.

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