Have you ever had one of those days that starts out wrong and you do not feel well in the first place.  Well, today is one of those days for me.  I seldom let life get me down, but today is the day to grit my teeth and growl!  Ha  Glad I can laugh a little.

My dizziness is driving me insane this month, do not know why we have to endure so much misery in our lives.  Oh well!  I am sure some of you could tell me about the bad day you are having and I would realize my day is going well.

Forgot to do my State Assessment in January.  Cannot renew license tags on your car unless they know everything you own in the State of Arkansas, for tax purposes.  So, I called and straightened that out.  Cannot believe I missed the assessment date, that’s not like me.  After all, I was a secretary for years.

My check book did not balance, my brother’s checkbook was wrong.  Had to call the nursing home to make sure they got the check for his social security that I send each month.  Could not get through on the phone, was using the wrong area code.  Finally my brain kicked in to drive.

To top it off, I had to file papers and the stapler ran out of staples and I had to get up and go to another room to get staples.  Then a staple shot across the room and I thought, I will have to crawl around on the floor and find that or some barefoot person will step on it.  At that point I put my head down on the table on my folder arms and said, I give up.  Today is not the day to deal with any type of secretarial duties!  It was only 10:00 a.m.

Think my problems began yesterday when my sister-in-law in Reno told me all her problems.  She could die any moment from heart complications.  Her husband, my youngest brother James, has early stage dementia.  Then my sister-in-laws, sister in North Carolina, sent numerous text messages about the loss of her job and needing a new prosthesis for a leg she lost years ago.  Wore my phone out texting for hours.  Hate to text.  Got a headache.

If you are having a worse day, tell me and I assure you, I will give you much sympathy. I should not be letting this day get me down so much.  After all, I have had a lot of days, these last 3 years, that were much worse than this day.

I will apologize to all my fellow bloggers, you see, I seldom tell anyone my problems, but today I feel I need to let it all out and Screammmmmm!   Sorry, Ha

Think I will go back to bed and get up on the right side of the bed.  Have a good day.


12 thoughts on “ONE OF THOSE DAYS

  1. Oh bless you what a nightmare of a few days by the sounds of it, sometimes I think once you get bad news you become consumed with thoughts ie your brother, sister in law etc and then other things go pear shaped.
    Sit down and have a nice cup of tea, a chat with a friend if you can. Treat yourself to something nice or a meal out with your husband. Hope tomorrow’s a better day, sending hugs and positive energy across the Atlantic.

  2. When I have a bad day, (but not as bad as yours), I tell myself it is good that so much goes wrong in one day – then you can get it all over with, and not let it ruin Another day!
    Here’s to a better tomorrow. 🙂
    And I had to smile at your dog photo 🙂

  3. Thanks Mandy. Appreciate all those hugs. Hope to make it Until Monday, April 20. Am going to Hot Springs for 3 days of girl fun with my daughter. I am off to have a cup of tea. Catch you later.

  4. That’s sounds wonderful, we all need a something to look forward. Tea always does the trick for me especially with sugar in, even though I don’t take sugar any other time. Its an English thing!!

  5. Sounds like you’re overwhelmed, because people pour their troubles out to you, perhaps, it’s the role you’d taken up in your social interactions with those around you, and sometimes, the emotional burdens just get too great, that you feel suffocated, i totally get that, but you need to find some ways, to get away from these stresses from your external environments, hope you feel better!

  6. People have used me as their psychiatrist my whole life. Yes, I need to disengage. Thanks for the advice. I am taking a 3 day trip next weed to enjoy things.

  7. alfgarnet says:

    AlWays good to get out of bed on the right side, well unless bed against the wall then it hurts lol take care be strong ,

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