Elusive Happiness


I have found numerous people in my life, who seemed to have a wonderful life, yet they were extremely unhappy.  Why?

I sit and think about those who do not think they have a fulfilling life.  Why do they think that way?  I assume they think they lack some elusive element in their life.  Why again? Mankind is always seeking a deeper meaning to their existence.

Those that are unhappy have thoughts and emotions whirling through their minds constantly.  Psychiatrists would say – It is impossible for human beings to be totally content.  Why I ask?  Perhaps it is negative thinking, feelings of hopelessness, or unhappiness.

Normal life seems to encompass a wide spectrum from joy and contentment to sadness and turmoil.  I suppose that is just human nature.

What is Happiness?  Good fortune and prosperity.  A state of well-being and contentment.  A pleasurable or satisfying experience.  Enthusiasm, joy, good atmosphere, fellowship, and gladness.

What is Unhappiness?  Misfortune.  Lack of cheerfulness or gladness.  Without pleasure or hope.  Being downcast, depressed, regretful, wretched, or sad.

This tells me a fulfilling life is right there at my fingertips.  I am the one that can make my life fulfilling.  Or, I am the one that can fret and stew, be regretful, sad, and unhappy. Most of us never see all the blessings we have in our lives.  We miss the joy that is right in front of our eyes.  I have never been an unhappy person.  I chose to live my life with joy and at full speed.  Often unhappy people try to drag others down into the hole they dig for themselves. You will not catch me in that pit of despair, I refuse to venture there.  I hope each of us will look at all the wonderful things in our lives and appreciate life to the fullest. Have a happy, good day fellow bloggers.:)


22 thoughts on “Elusive Happiness

  1. This is beautiful. Thank u for your sharing your love for life, positivity,wisdom&strength. I love your blog name and its intro. Your awesome! 🙂

  2. Debra says:

    I am in the middle of a great book by Derrick Jensen. In it he mentions that our culture is based on unhappiness. Civilized cultures are based on acquisition, hierarchies and competition. Some people have to lose in such a system and even the ‘winners’ can never really be satisfied because the goals are all abstract and intangible. The so-called uncivilized cultures are all based on reciprocity and sharing and perhaps not surprisingly seem to lack the pervasive unhappiness so rampant here. So often we assume that unhappy people are somehow inferior or inadequate when really it is our society that is broken. It might even be a sign of sanity to feel some anger or dissatisfaction with the way things are turning out.

  3. I agree with you that, to a great extent, happiness is a state of mind. I would just add good health to the mix. 🙂
    I think very high levels of stress these days increase anxiety and ultimately unhappiness. So learning how to deal with stress can lead to greater peace and happiness.
    A good post. 🙂

  4. The definitions of happiness is very subjective, and, when you’re looking at others’ lives, you’re on the outside, looking in, and seeing that they have EVERYTHING they needed or wanted in life, but, they’re still, very dissatisfied with some things in their own lives, and, you should take that into consideration, because you are not experiencing their lives firsthand, that if you were living their lives, you may also find dissatisfying things as them, your article offers an alternative perspective to examining things, very well written there.

  5. I have had much tragedy and stress in my life the last 4 years. I debated whether to write this post. Despite my hardships in my life, I remained happy and knew -“This Too Shall Pass.” It is hard for me to watch people that have so much, let self-pity make them miss out on life’s happiness and joy. I do not know how old you are, but I know you seem to have much wisdom. Thanks for your comments.

  6. I have had extreme stress in my life the last 4 years and personal illness for 20 years. I chose to deal with what life threw at me. I always told myself – This too shall pass. Thanks for your comments.

  7. I have dissatisfaction, yet I chose to remain happy. I do agree civilized cultures cause people to be unhappy. I almost did not post this article, because I thought I might offend someone. I know, there have been 4 people in my life that had it all and they tried hard to drag me into their pit of despair. I ended those relationships – they were woe is me people. Nobody has to be like that if they chose not to be. If anyone knew what I have been through for the last 20 years, they would know anyone could overcome stress, tragedy, illness, etc. Perhaps if we all tried to be happier, this world would be a better place. Sorry, not trying to lecture.
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. Thanks. Have gotten somewhat negative feedback on this post. The last 4 years of my life have been stressful with caring for a brother with dementia in my home, and fighting to get long term care Medicaid, finally putting him in a nursing home, etc. His business partner stole all of his assets. I kept telling myself, this too shall pass. I chose during this time to be happy. Thanks for your kind comments.

  9. Yes that is very stressful & painful. I am very sure your brother is very grateful for everything you have done for him. You are very strong for believing so, it will,&better times will come. Choosing to be happy is a very wise,courageous,&very strong decision. You are admirable 🙂 thank u once again for sharing your strength, it inspires others to be &do better:) and definitely good , great things will come as you attract them with your happiness! I salute you for your immense strength! 🙂

  10. For me happiness comes from within, we are all different and its our thoughts that determine our feelings. Processing our thoughts in a positive way and having a purpose, feeling worthy is my key. Brilliant post Lizzie I give you a gold star! 🙂

  11. Often those that are unhappy but appear to have everything have never had hardship or bad times so unfortunately they don’t the ability to feel and grow from difficult times. The ying and yang!

  12. Yes, happiness does come from within. Everyone is different with different ways of coping with life. The secret as you said is positive thinking. Thanks for the gold star Mandy. Have a Happy, Positive Day friend.

  13. Debra says:

    Lecture? More like discussion and I really appreciate what you are saying. Being a person is just so hard sometimes. For anyone … but it sounds like you’ve been carrying a heavy weight for years. Choosing to rise above it all is really heroic.

  14. Thanks Debra. Someone said the other day that life is like a ladder. You need to strive to reach the next rung up that ladder to succeed in life, never give up. Good Advice.

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