Birds of Arkansas

IMG_2762This is my favorite bird – the Fly-catcher.  His antics as he flies through the air, trying to catch insects, is very entertaining.  He is very beneficial in lowering the insect populations around your yard.


The Wren is second in my favorite category.  This Wren worked this truck cab over. He tried to figure out how he could get inside to nest. The truck did not work, so he began building a nest on the top of my husband’s air compressor, which my husband ended.


Third on my list, is the Bluebird.  This is the male Bluebird guarding his home as the female is inside sitting on her eggs. We are blessed to have 5 pair of bluebirds nesting.


My fourth favorite bird is the Robin, each Spring a hundred or so of these birds stop by my yard on their flight South.  There are usually two or three pairs that nest here.

download (3)

My fifth favorite is the Titmouse. This little bird loves bird feeders and is so cute.

download (8)

The Purple Finch is my sixth pick.  Groups of these birds pass through off and on.  I have never had a pair nest near my yard.  You see them a lot if you have bird feeders.

images (12)

Seventh on my list of likes is the Scissor-tailed Fly-catcher. I saw 7 or 8 of these birds last week fighting with each other in the air.  Before I could get my camera, they were gone.  I have no idea where they nest.

There are a lot of the birds that visit my yard that I do not like.  They do a lot of damage to fruit trees, berries, and gardens.


The Blue Jay and Mocking Bird (Arkansas’s State Bird) are both a total nuisance.


The Red Cardinal is also a very bad bird to ruin your fruit. All three of these birds are very abundant in Arkansas.  I have often seen 30 Cardinals at a time in my yard.


The Red Winged Blackbird is a noisy, messy bird that roosts in trees in Arkansas by the 1,000s.  If you are one of the unfortunate people who have a roosting site near your, I feel sorry for you.  At dusk and dawn the noises they make coming and leaving their roost is unbearable.  The black bird on the left is a Grackle, we are not bothered by them much, they run the smaller birds away.  The Grackle is quite a bit smaller than a Crow. I dislike the sapsucker and Woodpecker, they try hard to kill my Apple trees, drilling holes.

Occasionally we even get a visit from an old Roadrunner that seems quite misplaced, but has survived in this area for years.  Makes me think of the Western U.S. that I love.

images (22)


13 thoughts on “Birds of Arkansas

  1. We have groups of different types of birds that pass through every other year or so. Guess they migrate through on a different flight path once in awhile. Finches are pretty birds.

  2. I saw a lot more on your blog that I like, you have some really beautiful pictures of plants and all kinds of things, I am just not able to sit still very long at the moment. I have added you to the blogs I follow so I can go through it later. 🙂

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