Earth’s Abundant Beauty


It amazes me that the bloom of any plant can be beautiful.  Whether it’s a tree, a vine, or a weed.  The bloom above is from a blackberry vine.  It was not until I bought a new camera, with a macro lens, that I began to really see the beauty God created.


This is simply a weed in my yard, I do not know its name, but I thought it was quite pretty.


In an earlier post, I talked of the Red Tip Hedge in my yard.  These small flowers make up each bloom of the hedge.  Below you will see what the Red Tip Hedge looks like when it is in total bloom.  It is a beautiful sight on which to feast your eyes.



Most of you should be able to recognize this as the strawberry bloom.  From this one picture you can see we are going to have many strawberries in our patch this year.  Soon we will have to put netting over these berries or the birds will have a feast.

The following pictures are just weeds in the yard, but I still see the beauty of their blooms.




10 thoughts on “Earth’s Abundant Beauty

  1. Hi dizzylizzie72! How are you? Yes sorry i will very likely write one today. 🙂 Thank you, i love what you write, it’s beautiful:)

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