Interacting – Face to Face



You might say, I have a big mouth, I can talk to anyone, nothing shy about me!

The other day I met a lady standing in the check out line at the Lowes garden center.  I started a conversation with her.  We continued to talk as we were checking out.  My husband came along and he joined in. (He has a big mouth too, ha)  We stood among the rows of potted flowers and began to talk of gardening, the weather, canning, etc.  The three of us stood there talking for 10 minutes.  We all began to walk through the parking lot talking like we were old friends.  As we parted she said to me, “God bless you, have a nice day.”  I said to her, “God bless you too, take care.”

As I got in our truck I told my husband, “What a nice lady, I really enjoyed talking to her. She would make a great friend.”  Days later I am still thinking about this lady and wondering if I will ever meet her again.

Sometimes talking to a stranger is a joyful experience.  Sometimes talking to the wrong stranger does not turn out so well.  Try talking to a stranger anyway, there is at least a 50 – 50 chance the encounter will be a nice experience.

In this day of cellphones and digital devices many people have no social skills anymore.  I worry about the younger generations and their inability to talk face to face with another human being.  As parents of teenagers I think it should be a requirement to shut the cellphones, computers, or whatever, off now and then to talk to another person.  The times have certainly changed in the last 20 years.

I say, “Lets go back and begin again and interact with real people face to face.”  It’s quite enjoyable, I do it very often.  Try it, you might like it! ♥♥


10 thoughts on “Interacting – Face to Face

  1. I speak to strangers most days so I’m totally with you and how refreshing it is. Not only does it brighten our days but others too. I worry about the young generation also but I must admit my children are pretty good at face to face despite their devices but then they have had to put up with me talking to random people so I suppose even though they say I’m embarrassing it has made an influence on them. Brilliant post Lizzie. 🙂

  2. Oh Mandy, how could you be embarrassing! Ha My daughter says the same thing about me. I wonder what causes us to be embarrassing? Ha Ha Glad you enjoy talking to strangers too.

  3. I talk to strangers all the time! I think my husband is amazed by my ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, anywhere. I didn’t even realize I did it until he noticed it, but it has definitely not stopped me from continuing the habit!

  4. People just don’t interact like they used to anymore, because of how “connected” through Facebook, Twitter, or WHATEVER else may be out there we all became, and, we forgot, that interacting with each other face to face is what’s real.

  5. Great post. I completely agree.

    Sometimes I’ll be off to the side in a store talking and laughing with someone. When I walk back over to my family, they’ll say, “Who was that?” I’ll say, “I don’t know.” They just shake their heads and talk about how weird I am and how I act like everyone is an old friend of mine. ha ha!

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