Morning Doves

I am always up in the morning before the sun rises or the birds are up.   When the sun finally began to appear these Morning Doves found a spot in the yard to sit in the warm glow of the rising sun.  Here are the pictures I captured.




11 thoughts on “Morning Doves

  1. I would love to be up – I always feel good when I get up and get the day started. It’s just so easy to stay up late (and that definitely prevents it!).

  2. I kind of hope so – I already feel like I am getting closer to being one. I definitely don’t stay up as late as I did even two or three years ago. Just the idea of staying up so late is sort of exhausting!

  3. The ring-necked doves make a sweet cooing sound when they sit in a tree. When they take off flying, though, they make this horrible hacking sound that you wouldn’t think even came from the same bird! When we first moved to our current home years ago, it really surprised me every time I heard it. ha

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