Frisky the Squirrel

These pictures are for you nature lovers and my blogger friend Mad Cap Dog who posted pictures of her squirrel Sparky.  This is our squirrel Frisky.  My husband feeds him pecans in the shell at the base of this big Oak tree in our yard.  Frisky runs up and down this tree retrieving one nut at a time and sitting on a big limb to crack and eat them. He is very entertaining for sure.















5 thoughts on “Frisky the Squirrel

  1. Aw, Frisky is sooo cute! Thanks for the photos 🙂
    He looks a little redder in the legs than my Sparky, but still a grey squirrel. How nice to have Frisky as a ‘pet’. 🙂

  2. Yes, he does look redder in the legs. We call this type squirrel a Fox Squirrel and they vary many times in their coloration. Anyway squirrels are just cute little animals.

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