Hot Springs, Arkansas

Thought I would show all of you some more photos of my relaxing trip to Hot Springs last month.  They have some wonderful buildings with grand architectural features.  The following photo is the magnificent entrance to the Arlington Hotel.



This picture of the Arlington is taken about 2 blocks from the Hotel.


This is the front of the Quapaw Bath House on Bath House Row.  The bath houses are on one side of the street and small shops for buying gifts and souvenirs are on the other side of the street.


I do not know what this building is used for, it is on Main Street.  I thought the carvings and details on this building were beautiful.


This sign is near the visitor center in the middle of the downtown area.  You can pick up some good maps of the surrounding areas and good attractions to visit.


Sometimes when there is too much traffic and the driver cannot stop for that perfect Photo, you have to snap some of the beautiful buildings on the move.  Well, at least you got to see the 3rd of 4th floors.


On the hillside behind and above the bath houses you find these bricked paths that you can venture along for a nice stroll.  These paths meander for miles above Hot Springs. There is water from small hot springs coming out of the hillsides and a view of Bath House Row from above.  There are benches here and there to stop and rest, lots of shade, and depending on the time, many people to meet and greet from countries all over the world. Along the pathways you find tables, with tiled checker boards embedded in concert. Anyone can participate in a friendly game of checkers.  This is a wonderful town to visit and don’t miss taking a Duck Boat ride on Lake Hamilton. (just watch out for the poison ivy vines if you venture off the paths – 1/2  of Arkansas is poison ivy.)



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