The Power of Prayer


Each and every time you think you are going to catch that close up picture of a buzzard in flight, that buzzard sails away in another direction.  Try capturing one of these if you have motion sickness like me – a few staggers here and there and this was the results. Good job huh!!!!!  Ha

The erratic flight of this buzzard reminds me of what I have been going through these last 10 days with my brother J.R. and his dementia.  I have found a lot of sad stories on-line and on blogs of families dealing with loved ones with dementia.  Breaks my heart to read these stories, such sorrow and stress.

The last 10 days for me have been full of anger, sorrow, and stress.  I took my aggressive personality out of the closet, stood up for myself, did not let anyone walk all over me.  Did I accomplish things – yep (but only with God’s help)!  Got medical issues solved for my brother, found out why he was violent (sever bladder infection and abscess in that area), and located another nursing home with a dementia unit.  All the prayers of my family and friends were answered. Thank you God was the first thing I said when that last phone call gave me the good news of a better place for my brother to live.  Never underestimate the power of God.


13 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer

  1. My friend’s old mother was also worse when she had a bladder infection. Often the docs/nurses concentrate so much on the mental health they forget the simple physical problems.
    I am very happy to hear you have found a more suitable place for your brother. I hope he will do better there 🙂

  2. So glad you have moved things into a better place for your brother.
    You won’t believe it but I was struck down yesterday with vertigo couldn’t get out of bed so horrible, I’ve had it once in my life before about 20 years ago. Scary you’ll have to call me dizzymandy.
    We are so a like its spooky!!
    Great post again. Keep strong.

  3. Sorry about the vertigo, hope I did not give it to you. Ha Yes, you must be my long lost younger sister. Ha I have had a month of this vertigo so far. Had to function yesterday to sign papers for out patient surgery on my brother. Have to function Friday to go sign papers for my brother at the new nursing home. Was worried about you when I never saw any sign of you yesterday, thought something might have happened with your parents. Take care. If you ever need to talk privately, contact me at my email: Joan is my middle name. Take care dizzymandy.

  4. Couldn’t look at a screen, feel better today, back at work taking it steady. Its a terrible feeling.
    Thank you I appreciate that, my mum is up and down at the minute, dads coping but not sure for how much longer, I keep in my mind all the time what you said about a home etc. My sister and I am are in touch 24/7 nearly.
    To top it all my husband (ex) but we are dating ( crazy i know) who is type one diabetic had a serious hypo on Sunday think that’s what toped me over. Today my cat has broken his foot and is at the vets not a good week. Just like you really must keep strong. Life’s trials…

  5. Gads Mandy, I think my life is wearing off on you. Wear garlic around your neck, that wards off evil spirits and vampires. Ha Ha Sorry, vertigo or not, I never lose my sense of humor. Many times I cannot watch t.v. because of the motion, don’t get a lot of sleep due to dizzy. Know just how you felt yesterday. Take it easy.

  6. Debra says:

    I am so glad you found a better place for your brother. I have to wonder how his caregivers could have missed a bladder infection! Poor guy.

  7. Debra says:

    True but some of the signs would have been apparent to someone who was actually observing him. Poor guy.

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