Storm Clouds on the Horizon


This week we have seen some very bad weather in Arkansas.  Tuesday evening we sat at my daughter’s house, watching the weather forecast,  waiting to see if we needed to go into the underground storm cellar.  Luckily the tornado warning was cancelled for our area and all was well.  Last night, Thursday, there were more warnings in the state and the wind blew these storm clouds our way.  Luckily, once again we dodged the bullet, as the old saying goes.  We have lost several people in Arkansas due to tornadoes and floods this Spring, and that is usually the case.  Oklahoma and Texas have had some very devastating storms this Spring and many deaths.  Mother Nature’s fury is unforgiving.


9 thoughts on “Storm Clouds on the Horizon

  1. Must be scary living with such extreme weather. We are experiencing high winds and rain here and that’s bad enough. I long for some warm weather.

  2. Yes, it is scary. Friends from church lost their home and almost lost their lives from a tornado last year. They were in a small closet and that was all that was left of the house.

  3. These poor people, lost their home, every automobile to a tornado, their son and his fiance to an auto accident, and the ladies mother to dementia all in 9 months time. So sad.

  4. That is enough. Had a friend lose everything they owned last year from a tornado. That one little closet in the center of the house they were in was all that was left. They told me they thought they would die that day, but they survived.

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