Smallest North American Butterflies


The Blues (shown above), Coppers, and Hairstreaks butterflies are the smallest butterflies in North America.  These butterflies are not just small but they are iridescent. They scarcely measure more than half an inch across.  Getting close to these little butterflies causes them to take flight and when they do they fly erratically and are impossible (for me) to capture in a camera lens in the air.  I had to back off, zoom in and capture these butterflies as they landed in our garden.


The Blue Butterfly below which has landed in the grass will show you just how small these butterflies are.  They are found all over North American, up into Alaska and Canada. Their habitat is tidal marshes, fields, bogs, woodlands, and even deserts.








The following butterfly is the “American Beauty Butterfly” from the top and underside.  It is very interesting how different in color and design they can be on each side of the wing.



5 thoughts on “Smallest North American Butterflies

  1. Debra says:

    I just love those little blue butterflies. I saw them for the first time last year and was smitten. Your photos really capture the beauty of their wings. Nice.

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