Not All Illness Can Be Seen

How bad would you feel if you were truly ill, suffering tremendously in this life and were being judged by those around you?  What if people were suggesting you were just acting ill to acquire sympathy, that you really did not have a problem at all.  That people were telling you that you could straighten up if you tried.  I have been very ill several times in my life and have been treated exactly that way. I have read many blog posts of fellow bloggers lately and sorrow and concern have entered my heart.  For those of you that have that serious medical problem that others make fun of because they cannot see that there is a problem, my compassion, understanding and love go out to you.  I know how you feel.

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If you are suffering and need that hug, that help, that understanding, surround yourself with those that know your worth. Seek out those that love you, know your life, know your ups and your downs, those that truly carry you in their heart.


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