Rabbits & Spiders


This baby rabbit is quite brave if Mom is there to protect him, but if she is not, he is gone in a flash.  Mom is about ready to have another batch of babies so she will not be around much longer to protect him.


What is this creature!?!  Believe it or not, this is a spider web.  The anchor to a limb that this web was attached to came loose in a high wind.  The spider was frantically trying to control his web.  It looks as if this web, flapping in the breeze, is an exotic bird.


9 thoughts on “Rabbits & Spiders

  1. Great photos. We have a wild rabbit living in our yard, too. It’s mother would let me get within a few feet of her, but this grown baby runs for cover if we even step out the back door. I guess each one has its own personality.

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