Outdoor Creatures


This lizard may gross some of you out with his bug meal.  I believe this bug is a cricket.  I took several photos in different stages of the lizard eating this bug, but I will spare you.  If he had gotten out of the shade on this 100 degree day the picture would have been better.


This is my husband’s 4 inch pocket knife next to this tomato worm.  This worm was not on a tomato plant, he was devouring my small Lilac bush.  You just can’t win for losing.


I might have taken a better photo of this wasp if I had not done it through the window.  But you see, I was just outside, minding my own business, watering my flowers, when a wasp zapped me in the back.  Did it hurt, oh yeah, it hurt and it hurt for quite some time! Needless to say, I check very carefully before I step out the door anymore.


Well, you can tell me these bugs I photographed through the window do not have a stinger, but I am not taking any chances, I am going to be an indoor photographer.  Ha Ha


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