Making Good Choices

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If everyone in this world spent their life making good choices about what they did in their lifetime – Wow, I guess you could say that would make this world a Paradise.  There was only one person that ever made every choice perfect – Jesus.

At times we all fall short on making good choices about our life.  I often made the wrong choice in choosing friends as I was growing up.  Then again, I made the right choice in who I married.  My marriage has lasted for decades.  My youngest brother James is on marriage #5.  James selected several of the wrong women and made some unbeneficial choices.

If you are older, look back on your life and ask yourself this question – “If I had the last 20 or 30 years to do over, would my choices change?”  If you ended up in the wrong job, the wrong marriage, alone, divorced, homeless, in jail, with health problems, did your choices cause these outcomes to happen in your life!

Making things occur in your life, causing your life to become what it now is, were all caused by choices.  To succeed or improve your life simply comes down to making the right choices.  Everyone has the freedom to choose what they want to do with their life. You are guided by your own judgments, selections, or the choices you make.

I have seen people my entire life that blame the disappointments, heartaches, and outcomes of their actions on other people.  You could blame your wife saying she caused you to drink, or steal money, or beat her, or abuse the children.  Your wife did not make the choices, you did.  Or your spouse, child, friend, boss, did not make your choices for you, you made bad choices yourself.  I have a nephew who has been in  jail, who has chosen the wrong friends, who has yet to make one right choice in his entire life.  To me, my nephew’s unsavory life is strictly his fault, totally caused by his bad choices.

To succeed, be happy, experience joy and fulfillment in your life, make those good choices for yourself.  I look back on decision I made when my Mother was ill with dementia, when I became caregiver for my brother J.R. during his journey into dementia and I often beat myself up for some choices I made.  Yet I know in my heart I did the best I could.  We all regret so many choices we made in this journey called Life, but we can’t go back, we can’t change those choices.  So, giving extra time and thought to our decisions – could cause us to, “Make Good Choices,” in the years we have left on this earth.  I guess Paradise on this earth is not realistic, but MAKING GOOD CHOICES might get us somewhat closer to a more perfect world.

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