Dementia Is Not On the Decline!


You look at this pretty scene from nature and you think the world must be right!  Well, for me at this moment the world is once again totally engulfed in dementia.

They rushed my brother, by ambulance, to the hospital early yesterday morning.  The nurse from the nursing home said she had found him having a severe seizure.  When I got to the emergency room my brother was having trouble breathing.  From the cough and the congestion I heard, I knew he had pneumonia.  My brother woke up and began to call for Mama.  I held his hand, I talked to him, I tried to comfort him, he thought I was Mama.  He was back in his childhood.  I told him he was sick, I told him to close his eyes and rest.  He had a death grip on my hand.  He said, “Mama, I am sick.”  I said, “I know baby, close your eyes and go to sleep, rest.”  I stroked his forehead and his cheek and I thought of the long road of physical suffering for him as dementia destroys his brain and causes his body to stop functioning.  I told every nurse, doctor, or person who tried to talk to him and ask him questions that he had dementia and could not correspond with them.

My brother had a mini-stroke, has pneumonia, and his second bladder infection in 3 months.

I have heard on the news that they think after the baby boomers get through old age, that dementia will decline.  I do not believe that and I know many in the medical field who do not believe that.  With preservatives, dyes, pesticides, pollution and many other factors, we as human beings are becoming more and more susceptible to diseases.

I am reading a book written by Richard Taylor called “Alzheimer’s From The Inside Out.” Richard worked hard after his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s to maintain enough brain power to let others know how it felt to have this disease.  Richard was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 58.  He died July 25, 2015 of Cancer, a blessing in a way I suppose.  He did not have to suffer on that extra long trail of Alzheimer’s because cancer took him.

As a caregiver I researched and read everything I could on Alzheimer/Dementia because 4 of my immediately family died and are suffering with this disease.  I want to know how to help those who are touched by this disease.

I returned from the hospital yesterday and am going back this morning.  I said my goodbyes to my brother long ago, but it still touches my heart to see his physical suffering. I shed a lot of tears yesterday and my compassion was overwhelming me.  I prayed and I ask God to help everyone in this world who is suffering mentally, physically, and spiritually.

At the end of Richard Taylor’s book he wrote one last paragraph which I will share with you.  “Caregivers who are filled with fear and depression, use this pent-up anxious energy to educate yourselves, your families, your friends, and those around you about how our society treats those with the diseases of dementia.  If any organization that deals with dementia will not be worked up to action in the name of your loved ones, perhaps self-interest will motivate them.  The bell tolls for us all:  it is just a matter of time when and where we hear it. I’ve heard it. I have Alzheimer’s disease. Act Up! Ring Out! SPEAK UP and OUT!”

Everyone needs that champion, that loved one, that helper, that caregiver to fight for them and help them endure their suffering.  The only way to do that is to educate yourself about the disease your loved one is dealing with.


11 thoughts on “Dementia Is Not On the Decline!

  1. Although there are a TON of literature on the subject of dementia, and there are so many contradictory views, and sometimes, it’s really hard, to know what to believe.

  2. I’m so sorry for what your brother is going through and the heartache your as a caregiver carries. I do agree 100% that with all the chemicals abs radiation and just “bad things” in our lives that we will see much higher cases with many health conditions in the future.

  3. I am so sorry for both you and your brother. But I’m glad that you could be there for him, even if he thought you were your Mum, it would bring some comfort.
    It annoys me that the hospital staff were trying to question your brother when he could not respond.
    And I totally agree with you. I only see that all forms of dementia and cancer will increase as the human race as a whole lives longer, and less healthily.
    I hope you find your brother a little more comfortable when you visit him again.

  4. My heart aches for you, your brother, and your family and what you are going through. Dementia is such a cruel disease. I wish someone could figure out what we are doing to cause it! Thanks for raising awareness about this disease.

  5. Aw Thank you 🙂 I know there is nothing I can do, sitting here on another continent, but sometimes just having someone listen helps. All the best 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry, and so glad he has you. I hope that something takes Mom and spares her the end stages of dementia. I totally agree that all of this is just going to get worse 😦

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