When You Wish Upon A . . .

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I was thinking of the song, “When You Wish Upon A Star.”   This song says when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.  Well, I am glad most of my dreams never come true. Ha I was wondering what different things people wish upon to make wishes come true.  I came up with about 10 common things that people use to make a wish.

  1.  Shooting Star
  2.  Turkey Wishbone
  3.  Birthday Candles
  4.  First Star of the evening
  5.  Dandelions as you blow the seeds into the wind.
  6.  Coins thrown into a fountain or a wishing well.
  7.  White horses and only if you see their tail.
  8.  Ladybugs, if they land on you and you make a wish as they fly away.
  9.  Leprechaun if you catch one – they can grant you 3 wishes.  Wow
  10.  Full Moon on your birthday – you get a full year of good luck.

I do not remember my wishes coming true as I tried wishing on these ten things I have listed.  Do any of you remember one of the most important wishes you felt you made that did not come true?  I do, I remember wishing as a child for a Sister like my friends’ sisters.  A sister who would be my best friend and we would do everything together.  I had a Sister who chose never to be my friend.  I did not say that to get sympathy, because I had 2 brothers that were my best friends.  Perhaps I just chose the wrong person when I made my wish.


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