Fighting Bureaucracy


Just a short post.  This bug is enjoying this milkweed flower.  Yellow is such a nice color.

Am very busy fighting DHS over Medicaid for long-term-care for my brother.  Because his business partner did not steal all of ownership to his house they are trying to deny him Medicaid for a second year in the nursing home.  So, me and my vertigo have to have a State hearing and try to keep Medicaid.  They reevaluate your assets each year and decide whether they will give you Medicaid for another year.  Wish that person out there with the voo doo doll of me would quit sticking pins in my doll and remove this curse that seems to have hit me right between the eyes. Ha


2 thoughts on “Fighting Bureaucracy

  1. Vertigo is awful. 😦
    I hope you can stop the world spinning for long enough to get Medicaid approved. So frustrating that they make you jump through hoops repeatedly!

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