Wood Storks In Arkansas

My husband saw a flock of birds in the sky.  We both thought they were Geese.  I started taking photos.  I did not get the quality photos I wanted because they were leaving the area so fast.  To my surprise when I put the photos on my computer I discovered they were Wood Storks.  They inhabit this area, but I had never seen them flying in formation before.  They are 36-42 inches long, with a wingspan of 5 1/2 feet. This is the only Stork in North America.





Following is a close up picture of a Wood Stork I found on line, showing details of wings and coloring.

download (9)



6 thoughts on “Wood Storks In Arkansas

  1. do they make a weird cooing type of noise when they fly? I think they came by here – first I thought they were crains, make the same type of noise but don’t ususally fly in huge flocks like this group did?

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