October Full Moon


I could not believe how pretty the moon looked last night when I snapped this picture.


I zoomed in to see if I could see the craters on the moon better.  I think if I ever want the quality photo of the moon, I keep trying to get, I need a camera which works like a telescope. Ha


I took this photograph of the moon, over a week ago, just at dusk.  I find you can see the craters of the moon better, if you photograph the moon, before dark when the moon’s glow is diminished.  I never tire of looking at the sky, moon, and stars.

Happy Halloween to all the little goblins that will be roaming the streets October 31.


Step Into A Garden

In a world filled with doubt step into a garden to know Divine intervention exists.  Mary Maude Daniels

It is a little hard at this time of the year to find a garden.  You can see the beauty of the garden in the last roses of the year, potted plants on the patio, or Fall colors on the trees.


This is my old-fashioned climbing rose that never fails to bloom several times a year.  This is the true color of this beautiful rose.  Such a bright, cheery color.


My big potted Begonia has been blooming for months and has such delicate flowers.


This Cyprus tree in our front yard is about 10 feet tall and looks very colorful in October.


If we had not watered our Red Maple during the 7 weeks of dry weather we would not have had this gorgeous color.  You can see the green grass is brown from lack of water.

I think each season of the year has its beauty and I know that all this beauty is the Divine work of God, which created this beautiful World.   Enjoy Fall and look at nature’s beauty.


Take Care of Yourself

images (40)

I watch a lot of friends just sit, eat junk food, and wonder why the pounds keep accumulating on their bodies.  It is amazing how many young people have diabetes and numerous other health concerns – yet they never realize they are making these choices themselves.  I use to tell friends decades ago – ” Get up and keep moving. Move more and eat less.”  They would scoff and say, “What kind of diet is that.”  I call it the common sense diet.  It works for me.

No matter how old you are, how out of shape, you can sit in a chair and do exercises while you watch t.v.  I have fibromyalgia, which causes me much pain and discomfort, but I choose to use my MP3 player with my headphones (for my husband’s sanity, ha). I get up and move to music, 30 minutes each day, five days a week.  It would be so easy for me to sit down and be middle-aged and eat junk food.  Do I like to exercise?  No, but I do it anyway.  Why?  Because it actually makes me feel better.  So use it or lose it.  It’s your choice to be a new healthier you.  You have to live in your body, take care of that body.

Nature Is A Splendid Sight


If this little bird can take time to sit and watch the sky, then why can’t I?


There is not much to photograph in dry Arkansas at the moment.  Even the fall colors of the trees are not as glorious as they should be.  So my little friend the fly-catcher came by and sat for quite some time so I could photograph him.


Some turkeys actually passed through the woods, I tried to captured them before they ran.


Do Some People Have A Better Life Than Others?

images (43)

I sat thinking about life.  I wondered why some people seem to have a better life than others.  I have visited blogs of those who seem to have nothing but a joyful, happy life. Then I read posts of those who deal with trials and tribulations that would sink a battleship. It is hard to understand why some people seem to have a life consisting of one terrible situation after another.  Somehow it really does not seem fair.

Perhaps it is genetics, your life span, wealth, or the environment that plays a part in what happens in a person’s life.  Then it could be that life is a test to see how well we can handle stress and sorrow.

There is a book written by Chris Gardner, “The Pursuit of Happiness.”  He says anyone can achieve greatness, happiness, peace and contentment with faith, consistency, hard work, discipline, and a lot of effort.  I can see that, but in this better life he speaks of, what happens when tragedy, trials, and problems arise that are beyond your control?

My Mother always said, “Life is Hard.”  There seem to be winners and losers in this world, life if just not fair.  No amount of hard work fixes bad luck, illness, or a crisis happening to a person.  I cannot find a definitive answer for why some have to suffer so much more than others.

images (27)

Sometimes when you  are feeling sorry for yourself (that’s ok) it is because your trials are so hard that stress and worry overwhelmed you.  Some may think that the man across the street, or the lady down the block have the greatest life, a life free of problems.  I think if you sat down and talked to that man or woman you might find they have more problems than you.  Some people never broadcast the sorrow that envelopes their lives.  Many trials people have are not visible.  I have had a lot of trials in my life the last three years, but I know good people who have had triple the problems I have encountered.   Yet these people have managed to overcome the pain and decided to live a peaceful, happy life.  I cannot say that is easy, but shooting for happy seems like a great goal.

images (44)

My conclusion:  Good looks, wealth, genetics, and your environment could help happiness, but more than anything I think it is Faith, Attitude, and Perseverance. Just my opinion. 

Take Time To Care

images (42)

When you wake up each morning do you think how you will utilize this day to your fullest potential?  Most of us just drift through each day.  When the sun sets, do you look back on your day to reflect on what you accomplished?  Do you think – “Today Will Never Come Again?”

I often realize at the end of the day that I wasted many opportunities to encourage someone, I failed to be a true friend.  I did not take the time to be a blessing to a person who needed a champion to help them.  To justify my actions I would think, “Well, there is always tomorrow.”   The tomorrows turn in to today and like a vapor they disappear.

So, today I am going to give each person I meet a big smile, a word of encouragement, a helping hand, and an ear to listen to their troubles.  Then, I will email my friend, send that card to a precious lady who recently lost her husband, and give all my family members a big hug.  I guess I could help my husband by taking the garbage out.  Ha

Everyone have a wonderful day and spread your love and blessings around to help others with the challenges of life.  God will bless your for your kindness.

Hot, Dry, Fall

There is an abundance of yellow (psycho) butterflies this year.  Trying to capture one of these yellow, hyper, non-stop butterflies has been my goal for months.  You can tell, I do not have enough to do.  Ha   Well, look, I did it, one landed for 2 seconds and I captured this photo of the illusive critter!


Now this old toad was much easier to capture, he never moves anymore than necessary.


Then this squirrel running here and there burying acorns was somewhat hard to capture.


By the time I captured the yellow butterfly I was tired, so I decided to photograph something that stood still, like these cosmos flowers.   And this yellow weed in the field.



Going The Second Mile


The phrase, “Going the second mile,” comes from a verse in the Bible.  Matthew 5:41 “And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain (two).” KJV

Going the second mile with others, to help them, was a common occurrence in past centuries.  In the 21st century the second mile is not as prevalent.  Many people just do what is expected of them and never exert any extra effort.  That second mile often requires more commitment than we are willing to give.  That second mile is often an uphill battle.

You have to put others needs before your own.  It takes a spirit of generosity, love, concern, and compassion to journey that second mile.  Your attitude has to involve staying in the race until the problem is dissolved.

I must admit I have felt there were several times in my life that I dropped the ball and didn’t score a goal.  Times when I let others down and did not go the second mile.  I know that made me feel small, made me think I fell short of succeeding.  Sometimes you simply collapse and yield from the weight and stress.

This 3 year dementia journey with my brother has caused numerous amounts of stress in my life.  I am totally exhausted from the pressure.  When you try your best and bureaucracy keeps knocking you down, you buckle from the physical and mental distress. My brother J.R. is not far from entering the last stages of dementia.  He needs special care from this point forward, help I cannot give him.  DHS is deliberately trying to find a way to deny another year of Medicaid long-term-care.  Nothing has changed with J.R.’s financial situation from last year.  There is no reason to deny Medicaid, but DHS is trying extra hard to find a reason.

DHS has pushed me into a corner, which makes you fight back.  I searched the internet and ask questions of lawyers trying to find a solution.  The answer was, resign as J.R.’s power-of-attorney.  I did just that and there is no one to replace me.  I never wanted to leave J.R. unprotected.  The nursing home is now trying to find a state guardian for J.R., which means they will have to help him.  I understand I may have to go to court and pay all court costs to get a guardian for J.R.  I went the second, third, and fourth miles trying to help my brother.  I feel I have dropped the ball and yet I know that I really did more than my best for my brother.

So, when you are faced with going that second mile for someone, do what Jesus said in Matthew 5:41.  When you have done your best and there is nothing more you can do, you have gone that second mile.  God will bless you for helping others. 

Funny or Not Funny!

I am not convinced I would cross this street whether I was young or old.  Ha

images (16)

If and when I decided to take a drive, I am not sure which way I would go when I came to this sign.

images (17)

By the time you get to the following sign I am sure you are going to wonder if you are having problems with your eyes or your brain.  I love the small print at the bottom of this sign – if you can’t see it – “And will be reported to the authorties.”

images (14)

When I get to a sign like this on my pleasure drive, I will turn around and go home!download (13)