Visiting the Lake

This is the perfect time to visit the lake, the campgrounds are almost empty and it is peaceful and quiet.  Greers Ferry Lake in the Northern part of Arkansas is a nice place to camp and enjoy the great outdoors.  You never have to worry about shade trees at the lake, Arkansas has an abundance of trees.



Spotted a couple of men launching their boat and heading down the lake for a fishing adventure.



Some of the trees were just beginning to show their Fall colors.


There were a dozen or so campers in the campground near the dam.  Mostly Senior Citizens.



There are a lot of boat docks along the lake where avid boaters and fisherman store their boats year round.


There are some beautiful homes built around the shores of the lake.  It would be nice to view the magnificent scenery they see all year-long.



5 thoughts on “Visiting the Lake

  1. I lived in Michigan a long time ago and your post got me back there for a while. It was amazing getting around those lakes at winter time and then at the summer! I enjoyed very much your post! See you!

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