Funny or Not Funny!

I am not convinced I would cross this street whether I was young or old.  Ha

images (16)

If and when I decided to take a drive, I am not sure which way I would go when I came to this sign.

images (17)

By the time you get to the following sign I am sure you are going to wonder if you are having problems with your eyes or your brain.  I love the small print at the bottom of this sign – if you can’t see it – “And will be reported to the authorties.”

images (14)

When I get to a sign like this on my pleasure drive, I will turn around and go home!download (13)


6 thoughts on “Funny or Not Funny!

  1. That just shows how the signs can become misleading, and you really can’t depend on them, to take you where you need to go, on the road, and, it’s true of life as well too!

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