Do Some People Have A Better Life Than Others?

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I sat thinking about life.  I wondered why some people seem to have a better life than others.  I have visited blogs of those who seem to have nothing but a joyful, happy life. Then I read posts of those who deal with trials and tribulations that would sink a battleship. It is hard to understand why some people seem to have a life consisting of one terrible situation after another.  Somehow it really does not seem fair.

Perhaps it is genetics, your life span, wealth, or the environment that plays a part in what happens in a person’s life.  Then it could be that life is a test to see how well we can handle stress and sorrow.

There is a book written by Chris Gardner, “The Pursuit of Happiness.”  He says anyone can achieve greatness, happiness, peace and contentment with faith, consistency, hard work, discipline, and a lot of effort.  I can see that, but in this better life he speaks of, what happens when tragedy, trials, and problems arise that are beyond your control?

My Mother always said, “Life is Hard.”  There seem to be winners and losers in this world, life if just not fair.  No amount of hard work fixes bad luck, illness, or a crisis happening to a person.  I cannot find a definitive answer for why some have to suffer so much more than others.

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Sometimes when you  are feeling sorry for yourself (that’s ok) it is because your trials are so hard that stress and worry overwhelmed you.  Some may think that the man across the street, or the lady down the block have the greatest life, a life free of problems.  I think if you sat down and talked to that man or woman you might find they have more problems than you.  Some people never broadcast the sorrow that envelopes their lives.  Many trials people have are not visible.  I have had a lot of trials in my life the last three years, but I know good people who have had triple the problems I have encountered.   Yet these people have managed to overcome the pain and decided to live a peaceful, happy life.  I cannot say that is easy, but shooting for happy seems like a great goal.

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My conclusion:  Good looks, wealth, genetics, and your environment could help happiness, but more than anything I think it is Faith, Attitude, and Perseverance. Just my opinion. 


15 thoughts on “Do Some People Have A Better Life Than Others?

  1. I agree with you that our attitude makes a difference, however….at times life is hard, and there are no short cuts in life and we just need to push through, we all have strengths within us that we haven’t even tapped into.

  2. I agree with your conclusion. I’ve had my share of trials too. There have been some days when I couldn’t even get up because if I did, I’d be forced to face my problems again. I think that bad luck isn’t the only thing that causes problems for most people. I think our bad decisions could also come back to haunt us sooner than we expect.

  3. I agree – you never know what that apparently carefree person is suffering.
    I think most people go thro hard times at some point. Yours have certainly been very hard. Here’s looking forward to happier times ahead 🙂

  4. Laura says:

    People may look like they have the easy life but no one knows what inner pain they may carry, happiness is a great goal!

  5. Resilience and Acceptance are also important to learn as we grow up, because we sure do need them when things get unbearably difficult…

    Some difficulties really are beyond the norm, and we manage through them. The hope is that on the other end, we aren’t too scarred…

  6. This was interesting – thank you. I think contentment and acceptance can pave the way towards happiness (they may even be much the same), and I do believe that contrasts are important; without sorrow, no happiness, hardship, ease. Having said that, I’m all for each of us reaching some state of grace, whatever that may look like, without too much pain in getting there.

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