Step Into A Garden

In a world filled with doubt step into a garden to know Divine intervention exists.  Mary Maude Daniels

It is a little hard at this time of the year to find a garden.  You can see the beauty of the garden in the last roses of the year, potted plants on the patio, or Fall colors on the trees.


This is my old-fashioned climbing rose that never fails to bloom several times a year.  This is the true color of this beautiful rose.  Such a bright, cheery color.


My big potted Begonia has been blooming for months and has such delicate flowers.


This Cyprus tree in our front yard is about 10 feet tall and looks very colorful in October.


If we had not watered our Red Maple during the 7 weeks of dry weather we would not have had this gorgeous color.  You can see the green grass is brown from lack of water.

I think each season of the year has its beauty and I know that all this beauty is the Divine work of God, which created this beautiful World.   Enjoy Fall and look at nature’s beauty.



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