Rain, Rain, Rain


Days of rain and still raining and over 6 inches has hit the ground so far. Fields look like lakes, ponds are full to the brim, ditches are running like rivers.

If you look real hard you can see the rain hitting the water in this pond on the North side of my house.  This pond has not been this full for a very long time.



Relaxing in Nature

My husband and I decided to take a day before Thanksgiving and go enjoy the off season at the lake again.  It was a cold day, but absolutely great and not another soul around to break the silence.


My husband said he was taking in this great view and enjoying the cup of coffee he was holding.


We were near the dam and I took this picture of the sun reflecting on the water.


As we walked back to the truck, I threw up my arms up and said, “Wow, what a beautiful sunny day, listen to that peace and quiet.”

I envy those who have homes around the lake and see this beautiful view every day.  Especially during the off season when the lake is so calm and peaceful.



We drove over by the boat marina and snapped a picture of some of the boats in their slips.


I think everyone should take a day or two during these busy holidays, just to go enjoy life and destress.


Life Is Fragile

When you have lost someone close to you.  When you have watched friends and family leave this earth, you realize how fragile life can be.  I saw this spider web in the sunlight with the green tree as a background. As I took this photo, this spider web made me think how fragile life is. IMG_3299The next day this spider web was blown away by wind and rain during the storms that roared through Arkansas last Wednesday.  That is how life is, here one day and gone the next.  Cherish those you love, life is fragile.

Happy Trails To You


Everytime we drive by this gate going to church on Sunday mornings I think of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  Dale wrote this song “Happy Trails,” back in 1952 and it was a theme song to “The Roy Rogers Show.”

I remember Roy and Dale because Roy did not die until 1998, and Dale did not die until 2001, which is not that long ago.  Occasionally I would see Roy singing on television with Clint Black or some other country music artist.

The first time I photographed this gate as my husband roared by at 55 mph I  only managed to get 1/2 of the gate.  Last Sunday, I hit it perfect.  Ha

Enough is Enough


Since my brother died, DHS wants me to pay his bills. There are two quotes I have been thinking about lately.

“You don’t have to do anything in life except pay taxes and die.”  lol

“Stop jerking my chain.”   (popular idiom used in the 1980s)

There is a quote by Paul Coelho – “If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.”

Well, I am a little sick and tired of DHS, nursing homes, doctors, and lawyers trying to jerk my chain.  I am not legally obligated to do things  for my brother anymore, since his death.  My power-of-attorney ended when my brother died.  So, why is DHS saying his Medicaid ended months ago and I have received no word to this affect?  Why am I receiving his bills?

The greater the power of these government organizations, the more dangerous the abuse.  When the IRS, DHS, etc. jerk your chain they are : making fun of you, harassing, pushing your anger buttons, and making life difficult.  They do all this in order to get a reaction, they deceive us into believing, our nightmare  situation will never end.

When it comes to American Government Organizations they mislead, manipulate, irritate, and try their best to literally stress us beyond endurance. They abuse their power.  They either want your money or your life.  If a person is strong they will not let the harassment change them as a person.  You might say when I was young I admired clever people.  I am older now and my admiration has turned to kind and compassionate people.  These kind people do not include those I am dealing with at the moment.

Sid Vicious (yep, that is his last name) made this statement: “Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible, but don’t let them take you ALIVE.”  I’m right there with you Sid.

So, when you are trying to do your best to take care of someone you love, you are vulnerable to the government establishment.  Do not let them deceive you when you are next of kin or a power-of-attorney for someone.  You are not responsible for paying your loved one’s bills.  They are not taking my money, my home, or taking me Alive (ha), because I know I am not responsible for my brother’s debts.  DHS has jerked my chain for the last time.  Enough is Enough, I have had all the stress I intend to endure from these heartless people.


A Nice Drive

Occasionally my husband  and I take a nice drive, to explore areas we have not seen in the State of Arkansas.  I take my camera along hoping I can capture some fantastic photo.  Well, my husband, never stops, never slows down, and all I do is point my camera, take a picture, and hope for the best.  At times I can get 5 good shots from 50.  Ha

I did capture this beautiful church as we passed by, because we were in an area where the speed limit was 40 mph.


We passed this lovely house, with a large pond in front, with cyprus trees growing in the water.  If the trees look a little blurry, I did my best.


I saw another church, and captured the stained glass window on the front.


Roared across this bridge and managed to capture the rail of the bridge, some water, and a few trees.  If I could stop and sit still I might get a picture that would be an absolute masterpiece.  Ha