Distraction From Sorrow

I love taking photographs, to distract myself from the sorrow of my brother passing away on Saturday I decided to take my camera and see what I could capture in my lens.

This first photo is a little hawk that flew over to a fence post in the field next door.  He sat there for a very long time, letting me get the photo I wanted.  He looked at me as I tried to hide behind a bush, so I would not scare him away.


Then I saw these buzzards trying to stay on tree limbs as the wind blew madly and ruffled their feathers.


I captured some toadstools growing on the edge of someone’s yard.


I ventured a few miles down the road, went past this swampy area and took pictures of the water lilies floating on the water.


Saw a row of pine trees growing on the edge of a field.  Liked the light shining between the trees.


And for a little fall color I snapped the seed pod of the castor bean that grows in the yard. Being in nature soothes the soul and takes the stress and anxiety of life away immediately.



12 thoughts on “Distraction From Sorrow

  1. Laura says:

    Nature has so many healing powers. I am sorry to hear about your brother. The first photo of the hawk is my favorite. Take care.

  2. Trini D. says:

    Nature can be so therapeutic for a grieving heart. These beautiful photos are probably your beloved brother is letting you know that he is happy and at peace.

    Take care.

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