A Nice Drive

Occasionally my husband  and I take a nice drive, to explore areas we have not seen in the State of Arkansas.  I take my camera along hoping I can capture some fantastic photo.  Well, my husband, never stops, never slows down, and all I do is point my camera, take a picture, and hope for the best.  At times I can get 5 good shots from 50.  Ha

I did capture this beautiful church as we passed by, because we were in an area where the speed limit was 40 mph.


We passed this lovely house, with a large pond in front, with cyprus trees growing in the water.  If the trees look a little blurry, I did my best.


I saw another church, and captured the stained glass window on the front.


Roared across this bridge and managed to capture the rail of the bridge, some water, and a few trees.  If I could stop and sit still I might get a picture that would be an absolute masterpiece.  Ha



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