Happy Trails To You


Everytime we drive by this gate going to church on Sunday mornings I think of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  Dale wrote this song “Happy Trails,” back in 1952 and it was a theme song to “The Roy Rogers Show.”

I remember Roy and Dale because Roy did not die until 1998, and Dale did not die until 2001, which is not that long ago.  Occasionally I would see Roy singing on television with Clint Black or some other country music artist.

The first time I photographed this gate as my husband roared by at 55 mph I  only managed to get 1/2 of the gate.  Last Sunday, I hit it perfect.  Ha


2 thoughts on “Happy Trails To You

  1. See – You are getting good at your Drive-by-shooting! This could become a whole new photographic art form. 😀
    btw interesting info on Roy and Dale. I thought they had died long ago.

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