Rain Water & Reflections


This was a beautiful pond my husband and I ran across on the last ride we took.  There was only one duck on this large pond, which surprised me. Following is another photo of this same pond.


We got out into the flat lands and saw these soybean and corn fields below filled with rain water.  It will be a long time before this farmer can do his winter tilling in these fields that now look like lakes.


This field was quite flooded a few days ago and the road on the left was underwater for quite a distance.


These birds just came out the pond and decided to eat.  They live a couple of miles down the road from us and have several ponds they visit.


This pond is usually half this size, but when it rains it floods the field next to it and creates a very large pond.



When it rains a lot you cross over bridges where creeks sometimes turn into rivers and flood low areas along their banks.



This pretty pond below is out on a county road near several homes.


Below is a pond that usually has cows and horses around it, but I think on this wet day they decided to head for the barn.


I love the trees, ponds, lakes, and rivers that add to the beauty of the State of Arkansas.


The rain has caused several of the trees to put on their display of fall colors later than normal.






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