Watching The Sky

I never get tired of looking up to see what God is going to display in the sky for my enjoyment.  When my vertigo or fibromyalgia hit and cause me to become housebound, I snap photos of the sky, through the windows from inside the house.  Here are some beautiful pictures, God painted for me the last few days, to cheer me up.








15 thoughts on “Watching The Sky

  1. Sadly I’m already there. Been struggling since about 2008 and wasn’t diagnosed until 2011 with a tumor that’s reeks havoc on me time to time then ended up with Lyme’s disease spring of 2014. The bad days can be really bad but I live for moments within them like you described here. There’s something so calming and reassuring about still being apart of this big beautiful world even when yours is riddled with pain. I’m always here with an understanding ear to listen if you need anything!!

  2. Well, Mandy, my goodness I did not realize you had so many problems at your age. Sorry about the tumor and Lyme disease, that is terrible to deal with. God bless you friend – I will pray for you. Believe me, I have seen prayer work several times in my life. Stay well. xxx

  3. I too put everything on faith😊. Thank you for your prayers!! Since moving south I’ve found I’m healthier with less “flares” and symptoms so I’ve been very grateful for that.

  4. Wow!!! These are such amazing photos!!! I do love in special the two last ones!!! They have a pure light coming from the sky! I do suffer off vertigo and fibromyalgia too!!!

  5. So sorry to hear you have vertigo and fibromyalgia too. I have a constant dizziness daily, but at times vertigo knocks me down for weeks or more. I started my life at age 3 with severe motion sickness. Have never found a doctor who could figure out my problem. I try with my sense of humor never to let health problems get me down.

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