Life Seems Confusing

Thoughtful man

Could it be that life is confusing? Of course, that must be the answer to being unable to accomplish a simple task. When you try everything to get your internet company to change information on your account, it blows their minds.  Through phone calls, websites, your account site- they fail to recognize you, or your email, or your password. Makes you wonder, “Why have Internet?”  Lets all do it through cards and letters like we did in the old days.  So, I am writing a letter, the old fashion way to solve a minor problem of paying my bill through my new bank for my sattelite provider. Now why didn’t I think of that before I spent 2 days trying to solve this problem and totally stressing myself out?

Gads, not one thing I have done in my life these last 3 1/2 years has been easy. Perhaps someone put a curse on me.  Perhaps someone is sticking pins in a voo doo doll that looks like me.  Hmmmmm

Hope all of you do not get as discouraged dealing with solving problems on line as I do.  If you do, my sympathy goes out to you.  Frustration!


8 thoughts on “Life Seems Confusing

  1. I do understand yoy, as i feel the same!!! Very interesting post!!! It is always nice reading your posts, i do love the simple way you play with the words! GREAT!!! Once more, HAPPY NEW YEAR for you and relatives!!! I hope that 2016 bring us better and enjoyable great days!!!

  2. Oh my, you certainly didn’t need all that aggravation. Sometimes I think we go in spurts where things just don’t go right, I hope that things turn around for you soon!

  3. I bugged the satelite company by email until they finally helped me get things corrected. Life really is a hassel. I guess the answer is, never give up, or never take no for an answer. Do what my mama said, “Square those shoulders kid, chin up, and face the world head on.” My Mother was a strong person and I try to be. Makes me think of being a football player. lol

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