7 thoughts on “The Birds Are Watching!

  1. I had the wonderful opportunity to get up close to vultures in the wild one time. I learned that they have the most beautiful feathers of any bird I’ve ever seen, and I was raised by dedicated bird watchers. Their feathers look like they are made from silk and black velvet, they’re perfect and soft. It would blow your mind to really see it.

  2. I have seen them up close and you are right, their feathers are like black velvet and silk. They are a very benefical bird. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

  3. I am so jealous! We are in a migration flight pattern, so usually only see them from afar. One year I got lucky, saw something black on the railroad tracks and thought our goats got out again..ran back there to see 2 of them munching on something small and dead on the tracks (guessing rabbit?)…I was about 25 ft from them – sooo fun! Lucky you!

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