Cardinals in the Snow

Well, we threw bird food under the apple tree yesterday.  Had one inch of snow last night that covered the bird food.  The cardinals came in full force this morning.  Landing in the snow and on the apple tree limbs.  Looked as if most of them were just getting a mouth full of snow trying to find the seeds.

19 thoughts on “Cardinals in the Snow

  1. Cute may be the right word but they are lovely!!! And the red ones get such a beautiful red color on the white snow!!! Amazing post and pictures! Your pictures brought me back to Michigan many years ago. I love snow as far as in Brazil we do not have it.Thanks for that Liz.

  2. evaason says:

    It’s so nice to see snow, we don’t get much snow over here, and the cardinals are a very nice addition to the gray and white’s. Lovely pictures. Have a nice Day!

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